Wildlife Damage Management Training

Manage the Damage - Protect wildlife - Prevent future problems

National Wildlife Control Training Program

Research-based wildlife damage management information 

The National Wildlife Control Training Program (NWCTP) creates training and certification programs for states, pest control companies, university Extension, Master Gardeners, and others who need professional training in Wildlife Damage Management. We develop competency based training so you can be certified on your achievements. Much of the material that has been created is available at NWCO.net and ICWDM.org

Wildlife damage management is set of methods to resolve human-wildlife conflicts and coexist with wildlife. The emphasis is on damage prevention and the implementation of control measures for problems occurring from wildlife damage or people's health and safety. Our training programs cover the competencies you need to be professional, legal, safe, and effective in the field.

More information can be found at http://WildlifeControlTraining.com. Dealing with wildlife is a serious responsibility. You must follow the law and be prepared to safely handle, transport, and euthanize animals. 

To purchase access to these courses or to get a copy of the training manual go to the NWCTP store at http://store.nwctp.com. 

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